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Access Automatic Project Reports

Automatic project reports are generated for project team with all details about project progression, project time spent and team workload.

Our automatic reports generation will help you to monitor your project. All project reports are updated in real time using all your project information:


When you are connected to your project space, click on the project tab on the top menu. 4 standard project report templates are available for each one of your project and can be accessed at any time.


First, you will get different project charts about your current progression. These charts will give you details about team velocity, steps progression and flags to warn you if your deadlines cannot be kept.


Then, you can display work repartition and project team workload for a selected period of time. Red figures warn you about team overload and light blue about the fact that some resources are available for more tasks.


You can access project time sheets for a selected period of time. Use tabs to compare real time spent by your team on assigned tasks, to the allocated time you planned for them.


Eventually, you can create your own project custom indicators according to your specific needs. Click on "new chart", choose a name for the project chart and a specific goal in the future. When needed, teams will be able to their own data during the project progression.


You can pin selected project charts directly on your own homepage just by clicking on the icon next to the chart name. For each project report, you can select which project participants are allowed to access them, by clicking on the "+" icon. By default, only project administrators are allowed to access all four reports.