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Manage your Daily Tasks using the Agile Kanban Board

Use the Agile Kanban board to monitor your project tasks on a daily basis, and create new columns to best fit your project needs.

On each project, whatever you are using a planning or agile organization, the Agile Kanban board helps you to monitor your daily tasks. To access it from your project space, just click on the "Kanban" tab.


Each default column of the agile Kaban board represents a project task status: "to do", "in progress" and "done". When you pin a goal from the task manager, all the included tasks will be displayed on the agile kanban board. You can change each project task status by clicking on its grip and moving it to another column.


If your process requires, you can add your own column in the agile kanban board, for example, a management validation or a technical test. Just click on "new column" and enter its name to fit you project process.


Move or delete columns on the agile kanban board according to your own project process. When you delete a column, project tasks are automatically moved into the previous one, so that you will not loose any project information.