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Make a Comment on Project Tasks, Goals or Steps

All project participants can make a comment on project tasks, goals and steps, and share it with the entire project team.

All project participants can make a comment on project tasks or goals to share issues or questions with the whole project team.


To write a comment on a project task, click on the bubble button just next to the task name. You can comment the same way project goals and project steps. If a comment has already been added to a task, the bubble button will appear in red.


You will find logs of all modifications that have been made to this project task since its creation. Add your own comment in the lower part and click on "post". You can send a notification by email to the project team by checking the box below before posting.


If you click on the goal bubble button, you get an immediate overview of all comments that have been made on the project. Dates and hours of each comment are saved, as long as the name of the team member who posted it. All comments on projects will then appear on the team member newsfeed.