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Keep Track of your Online Brainstorming Session

Use notes and lists to save all your brainstorming session information, and create columns to best fit your project needs.

The online brainstorming page helps you to organize all your project ideas and to share them with your project team.


For each project, you can add lists and notes to keep all information about your brainstorming session. Just click on the selected icon and write down your text. If you choose to edit a list, all the lines will get a progression status that you will be able to modify when needed: "to do", "in progress", "done".


Enter a title for each column. It can be, for example, the theme of your last brainstorming session. Create a new column by moving a note or a list to the right side of the online brainstorming page using the grip.


Move an entire column to reorganize your board according to your project needs. Click on the grip on the right side of the column name and slide it where you need. All included information will be moved at the same time.