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Manage your Project Breakdown Structure

Use project steps and project goals to create your own project breakdown structure and to assign project tasks to workspace members.

To organize easily your project breakdown structure and to adapt it to all your needs, you can create steps and goals directly on the "task manager" page.


A project "Step" represents a major phase of your project breakdown structure. It is, for example, a product development period. It will be displayed as a folder. To create one, select "new step", fill in the project step name and click on "Add".


A project "Goal" is a list of tasks to be completed during a project step. They can be summarized using action verbs, for example "Do the client report". To use them in your current project breakdown structure, select "new goal", enter a title and click on "Add".


In your project breakdown structure, goals and steps are linked. To attach a goal to a step, just slide it slowly using the grip on its right side, and drop it above the selected project step. It will be displayed as part of the project "step" folder.


Eventually, you can add more details on the goals to be performed using tasks. Open a project goal, enter a project task name and click on "add". Assign each of them to project members and pin the project goal (on the left side) to display these project tasks directly on the Kanban board.