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Create your Projects

Use our project management tool to create your own online projects and choose between a planning or an agile project organization.

Using our project management tool, create your own online project in only 3 clicks:


Click on the "projects" button in the left menu. You will find on this page the list of the workspace projects you are allowed to access. If you are a workspace administrator, you can access all online projects by clicking on the "all projects" link.


Click on "create a new project". Add a project name, a project logo, and choose the kind of project organization that best fits your needs. You will be the only one that can access this project until you add new project participants. However, if you don’t want the workspace administrator to see your projects, click on "this project is personal".


The "planning" project organization will allow you to manage your project using dates and milestones. A project Gantt chart will be available to break your project into steps and goals. On the other hand, the "agile" project organization will be useful to an IT project requiring sprints and backlogs. The project will then be divided into sprints and EPIC.