Create an agile sprint from your backlog by selecting user stories and by clicking on the "launch the sprint" button.

Once your project backlog is completed, you can create a sprint. To manage an agile sprint, remain on the "backlog" page within your project:


Click on "Sprint". Specify the purpose and the duration of this new agile sprint. Usually, agile sprint duration goes from one week to one month. It depends of the number of people working on your agile project, their velocity and the project scope.


Select the user stories to be included into this sprint by sliding the bar down. Selected users stories are to be made by the team during this agile sprint. Use complexity points to assess how many users stories you can include into this agile sprint.


Click on "launch the sprint" to start it. All the selected user stories and tasks will be automatically displayed on the Kanban board. You cannot change the scope of your agile sprint as soon as it has been launched.


Manage your project tasks daily on the Kanban board. When all the agile sprint tasks have been completed, just click on "stop the sprint". You will be able to select the next tasks to be included during your following agile sprint.