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Manage your Project Backlog

The project backlog helps you to create project EPIC, users stories, and to sort user stories by complexity points.

The backlog page helps you to structure your agile project management. To access it, click on the "backlog" tab on the top of your project page.


First, create a project EPIC. An EPIC will help you to sort by category all your project user stories to gain in productivity while performing your agile project management. An EPIC will be displayed as a folder that you will be able to fill in with user stories.


In each EPIC, you can add user stories. In an agile project management, a user story describes a user need. You can start by "As a user, I would like to" and then add a feature. Complete the user story description and click on "create" to pin it on the Kanban board.


In an agile project management, you can assess each user story complexity in points. Use the Fibonacci sequence and sort your user stories. The more points the user story gets, the more complex it is.


To associate a user story with an EPIC, click on the grip on the right side of the user story, slide it slowly and drop it right above the selected EPIC. To display all users stories within an EPIC, just click on it. The EPIC will act as a folder for user stories.