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Manage your projects

Project management
  1. Task Management
  2. Board
  3. Gantt
  • Gantt / Agile

    For each new project, choose between a Gantt (steps) or Agile (sprints) interface. You can change this project method at any time during your project.

  • Task Management

    Structure your project by listing the different steps (or stories) of your project and by dividing them into tasks.

  • Board

    Manage your project daily using the board. Based on the Kanban method, the board shows the status of all tasks and their assignment to the project participants.

  • Synchronisation

    The content of your project is automatically synced between all connected members.

  • Notifications

    Notifications alert you of project updates.

  • Project Progression

    Monitor daily the progress of your projects, the velocity of the team, and know at any time whether commitments will be kept.

  • Team Workload

    Visualize team member workloads for each project and time period.

  • Time Spent

    Track and analyze participant timesheets for each project.

  • Custom Indicators

    Create indicators tailored to your needs and share them easily with stakeholders.

  • Access Right Management

    For each report, you can easily specify which members of your workspace are allowed to access it.


  1. Planning
  2. Dashboard
  3. Document sharing
  • Newsfeed

    Follow all the news of your workspace, contacts, and projects.

  • Dashboard

    Get an immediate summary of what you planned for the day: meetings, tasks, and project deadlines.

  • Chats and Discussion Forums

    Debate topics linked to your projects or workspace in discussion forums and chats.

  • Document sharing

    Store your documents in the Earliz workspace and make them available to team members.

  • Planning

    Create teams, assign them to projects and manage the planning of each participant.